Kona Old Airport Garden, May 10

Hibiscus, Friends of Fitness garden

Hibiscus, Friends of Fitness garden

Sometimes you discover interesting things by accident.  Today was one of those experiences.

We drove to the old Kona Airport this morning to see the orchid and craft show which we’d seen advertised.  They had some beautiful orchids there, so that was worthwhile, but the show wasn’t very big so we only were there for about half an hour.

We decided to drive down the old runway to see what there is in the park, and stopped where we could see a large number of flowering plants.  It turns out that it is a fitness trail called the “Friends of Fitness” trail, which is set in a very nice garden with many, many flowering plants.  We took many pictures.  The trail is about a kilometre long loop, and it wasn’t very busy, just a few people walking and pushing baby strollers.  Other than these people, and two gardeners, we had the run of the garden to ourselves.  We haven’t seen anything in any of the tour information about this very nice garden area.

After we’d walked all around it we continued on to the beach.  There is a lot of sand on the shore, but in the water it is black lava, so we didn’t see many people in the water, though there were a few on the beach and in the picnic areas.  It was sunny earlier in the morning,  but by noon it was pretty cloudy.  We came back to the condo, ate lunch, read, and then went for a swim in the pool.  Shortly after we did that is started to sprinkle rain, so we came back inside.  It didn’t rain much, but it is still mostly overcast tonight.

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