Sokatisewin Lake, July 26

Awoke about 6:40.  It sounded windy out, but it was not raining.  The wind was from the north east, so for the most part was behind us today, as we paddled on our last day to end at Slim’s Camp on Sokatisewin Lake.

Since we didn’t expect Enid until about 1 or 2 pm, we felt that we had time to go fishing.  After breakfast and packing we started fishing at 8:30.  Graeme caught a very tiny jack, maybe 6 inches long.  Then not too long after that he caught a small jack, but at least big enough to keep.  We fished for a long time, then crossed the river and I finally caught one. It was only about a foot long though so we released it.  We kept fishing until about 10:15, when we finally quit, and it wasn’t a very productive fishing outing.

After cleaning the fish, and loading the canoe we got away at 10:45.  The wind and the current pushed us along quickly, at times up to almost 12 km/hr.  We stopped at a very small point for lunch.  It wasn’t very large, and it was hard to land in the current. As we were eating a large boat went by.  It had a very quiet motor, but a very large wake, and was carrying a purple plastic “porta potty” (probably an outhouse) towards the north.

After lunch we had to paddle into the wind a bit, but it was never too strong.  We got in to Slim’s camp and saw the Tahoe parked there.  We couldn’t see Enid, but just as we landed she came out (she’d been sleeping).  After loading the gear we drove back to PA.  It is a very long drive, but we were back by just before 8 pm, and got everything unloaded.

Paddled 15.43 km

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